Buildings By Alpha

Stables & Arenas

We are excited to now offer Stables, Arenas and Larger Barns. These barns come in an endless array of options, customize your own barn to fit your specific needs whether it be Stalls with Hay mow, a machine shed style to store equipment or allow your livestock to come in and out as they please. Call (608)633-2687 Today to start customizing your barn.


22x30 Barn
22'x30' Barn, 30' Loft, 4-windows and 2-10'x10' garage doors.

36x48 Stable
36'x48' Stable, 6-12'x12' stalls w/dutch doors, 2-12'x12' Tack/feed rooms and 12'x48' Hay Mow. Loaded with options.

12x48 Sections
2-12'x48' sections w/stalls hauled in and placed for on site build.

36x48 Section Assembly
36'x48' Stable on site building in process.

36x48 Section Build
36'x48' Stable on site build in process and closer to completion.

12x12 Stalls
12'x12' Stalls, 4' Dutch doors and bars.

12x12 Stall Construction
View of Stalls inside the Stable during the on site building process.