Buildings By Alpha

Livestock and Horse Shelter Options

We have many available options.

Our horse shelters and livestock shelters range in size from 10' x 12' to 12' x 28' and are used for a variety of applications.                                           Give us a call at (608)633-2687!

Feeder door
Feeder Door. Great in a tack/feed room, feed directly to the stall or run in area without having to go in livestock area. Quick easy access! Available with or without hay feeder.

Large Hay feeder
Heavy Duty Hay and Grain Feeder. Ease of feeding Hay and Grain.

Horse hay feeder
Small Hay Feeder. Feeds up to 3 flakes, very convenient option makes feeding time a breeze. 

Click here for video walk through of Run In Shelter

Large Bars Horse Stall Dividers
Large Set of Bars. Placed in the center divider great to allow horses to see each other in stalls.

Small Window Bars
Small Bars. Great for stall doors and to pair with our plexiglass insert to prevent unwanted weather elements from getting inside.

12x20 Run In
 3' wings to help break the wind and elements, providing more comfort for your animals.

Clear Panel

Clear Panels help to allow light in, great locations typically are in the overhang  or back of tack/feed rooms.

Roof Insulation
Roof Insulation. To help prevent condensation.

Dutch Door
Dutch Door. Accents the beauty of the building, while being very functional giving added ventilation.

Sliding Door
Sliding Door. Available to those that prefer a sliding door versus a hinged door.

Building Anchor Kit
Anchor Kit. Recommended to anchor down your building.

Rubber belting
Rubber Belting. Allow building to slide on top of manure and bedding when moved for clean out.