Buildings By Alpha

Other Sheds, Playhouses, Concession Stands

We can custom-design a suitable building for your use, whether it be a playhouse for storage, a concession stand, or some unique use. We can customize to fit your needs, call us at (608)633-2687!

A playhouse with storage. This is an 8'x12' with optional vinyl siding, 3 steel doors, three windows. and a corner porch. Use as a playhouse in the summer and storage in the winter.

Concession Stand
This is a concession stand used for the Jackson County Fair in Wisconsin.
A 12'x20' with optional vinyl, roll-up door and serving counter.

The front of the 20'x32' double wide. This building was set up for a concession stand in the front and storage in the back. We will build to your specifications.


An 8'x12' playhouse with optional cross buc door, porch, dormer,  2 windows, 2 pair shutters, 2 planters, ramp and stained.