Buildings By Alpha

Livestock and Horses

Front overhang to keep the elements away from the opening.

Our horse shelters and livestock shelters range in size from 10' x 12' to 12' x 44' and are used for a variety of applications.Give us a call at (608)633-2687!
Download a PDF of the Steel Color swatches.

6x16 Calf Shed
A 6'x16' Calf Shed with four 6'x4' pens, metal gate fronts, poly dividers for easy cleaning. Can be customized to fit your needs.

12x12 Run In Shed
This is a 12'x12' open run-in great for horses and other livestock to provide shelter from the wind.

12x12 Tack Room
This is a 12'x12' Tack Room with optional porch, 2 steel doors, 2 windows, vent, 3/4" tongue and  groove floor, and stained.

Click here for video walk through of Run In Shelter

12x12 Stall
A 12'x12' stall, optional dutch door with bars, wood front.

12x12 Run In
A 12'x24' run-in with 2-12'x12'  stalls, two dutch doors w/bars and a center divider w/bars.

12x20 Run In
12' x 18' run-in with optional 3' wings to help break the wind.

6x8 Chicken Coop
6x8 Chicken Coop has 6 nesting boxes that are removable for easy cleaning, roost, outside lid to gather eggs, two windows, x-buc door, and is stained.

12x24 double stable with two dutch doors, wood front, metal soffit and center divider with bars.

12x18 and 10x12 Stall and 8x12 tack/feed room
12'x18' with 10'x12' Stall and 8'x12' tack/feed room, one dutch door, one sliding door on side of building, feeder door for your convenience of feeding from tack/feed room without having to enter stall.

6x6 Covered Round Bale Feeder
6x6 covered round bale feeder w/treated floor,treated skids for easy movement, and swing out gate for easy bale placement

12x16 Run In
12'x16' open run-in with no overhang. It is pictured loaded for transportation.

12x18 Run In
12'x18' open run-in right after delivery. We deliver all year around.

10x16 Tack Room
This is a 10'x16' Tack room with optional 2 windows, 2 planters, 2 pr. of shutters, x buc door, 3/4" tongue and groove floor and 2 vents.

12x24 Open Run In
Introducing!!! 12x24 open run in with Board and Baton siding add a unique and stylish look to your pasture.

12x28 stable with 2-12x11 stalls and 6x12 tack feed room, 3-dutch doors.
12x28 stable with 2-12x11 stalls and 6x12 tack feed room, 3-dutch doors.

Click here for video walk through of Run In Shelter

Quality Construction Comparison
Buildings By Alpha Theirs
4/12 pitch 2/12 pitch
2' front overhang no overhang
outside steel and 2x8s screwed nailed
trusses made of 2x6s and 2x8s trusses made of 2x4s and 2x6s
delivered ready-to-use no mess at your location built on site
available insulated roof to help prevent condensation not available